The market

A space that hugs us

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Voices, life, colours

Stalls that speak of exchanges and people.

Around us there is the Eastern Market – it is called like this because when it was born, in 1899, it was close to the eastern door of Genoa It is a circular market that hugs us on every side, and if we nourish you, the stalls full of vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, cereals and spices nourish us.

The Kitchens come and go from the stalls with boxes full of raw materials that will transform during the day, the tireless people who set up this colourful exhibition of products early each morning come here for hearty snacks.
If the market is exchange, we can say that we embody it very well.

We like to deny with a smile and our actions the legend – a little bit true, we admit it – that says Genoese people are gruff. Who works by at the stalls moves fast, looks straight into the eyes of the curious ones and does not stop smiling, saying hello, bringing the change to whom bought something and wishing a good day.
If the market is exchange, people are the medium for it: the good stuff happens there.

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mercato banco formaggi
mercato orientale facciata
mercato fruta verdura
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Discovering the territory

Products that speak of seasons and traditions

As in all relationships, the bond must be nurtured. That is why the MOG Lunario started this year: each month the Kitchens dedicate a dish to a seasonal local product taken from the counters, and we organise an experiential seminar to discover it. So far we have explored artichokes, Ligurian cheeses, basil and prebuggiún, the Ligurian wild herb mix.

And in addition, together with Enrica Monzani @asmallkitcheningenoa, we organise experiences for tourists (but also not!) to browse the stalls and discover wonderful things about food and wine, culture, conviviality, and tastings.

lunario erica

MOG’s Lunario

You can always explore with us many different ingredients