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Quite simply the beating heart of the MOG. The bar, situated right in the centre of the structure, represents the very essence of the Mercato Orientale in Genoa. Over 20 square metres among the tables which can accommodate up to 270 people who can share together not only a social moment of outstanding level, but also all the different courses, tastes, smells and flavours that MOG can offer. Located in the centre, same as the market, it is a real beverage island. The cocktail menu is very extensive, Covim coffee and Pedavena beer make even more worthy the level already very high of quality of the products. A sweet moment is provided by the Pasticceria,Tagliafico well known in town and oriented towards the culture and tradition of italian patisserie. A very efficient service is guaranteed by our super-skilled waiters, young men and women, dynamic and helpful, who will guide you through an itinerary of discovery among the Mixology twists, good wine, snacks and excellent company.