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An Italian symbol all over the world, something instantly recognisable and identifiable with the “Bel Paese” in every corner of our planet. Obviously, a corner dedicated to the star of Italian cuisine, pizza, could not fail to be inside the MOG food court. For this reason a top-level partner for the supply of flours has been appointed, Bongiovanni. It is the well-known bakery brand to suggest the reinterpretation of the classic pizza linking it to the history of the City and its surroundings. This makes it possible to bring value to the context where it will be introduced, but at the same time remaining connected with the simplicity and immediacy of pizza as the archetypal street food. LA PISSALANDREA (Pizza all’Andrea, Pizza d’Andrea) A pizza style created between the XIII and XIV century (well before the Neapolitan pizza) and cooked in a pan, this pizza comes originally from the west of the Ligurian Riviera (Oneglia) and it was dedicated to Andrea Doria who was particularly partial to it. Today the original recipe still lives in the “sardeinaira”, from Sanremo, and in the “pissaladière” from Nice. Characterised by a thicker dough than in the classic pizza and close to tradition like the stone-ground flour type 1 or 2 (unrefined flour) and local EVO oil (from Taggia). High hydration, lightness and digestibility, ripening in the fridge, balancing of crispness and softness, pre-cooking handling all make it a product of outstanding quality and taste.