Umberto Curti – food historian, adult educator and essayis


Luisa Puppo, food&wine cross-cultural communication


Enogastronomy, crafts, cultures, traditions… The culinary heritage of Genoa and Liguria is the protagonist of this catalogue of “on demand” experiences. Designed by Ligucibario® in collaboration with MOG, it is addressed to small-group travel, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, associations, organizations, clubs…

Food and wine, the storytellers of places

Choose from a menu of 19 themes, let us design your experience according to your needs & wants (duration, detail, focus…): customized flexible formulas include “walk talk learn taste” sessions, “lunch/dine with the expert”, show cooking and demos, hands-on culinary classes, seminars/workshops for industry professionals…

Authentic, unique, experiential

More than a market: the Mercato Orientale represents Genoa’s genius loci – i.e. it embodies the spirit and history of the city. It is a centre of gastronomic culture, a landmark of domestic and international food tourism, and the showcase of regional excellences (from PDO products to short-supply chains). Furthermore, it is fully equipped with state-of-the-art cooking school and learning spaces. The fittest venue for your “Genoese for a day” experience.

Experiences and events are designed and led by a team of established professionals: expert lecturers Umberto Curti – food historian, adult educator and essayist – and Luisa Puppo, food&wine cross-cultural communication and storytelling specialist-, as well as MOG’s skilled chefs and cooking tutors.
All the experiences are delivered in English.

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