How does it work

MOG food How does it work

Choose the food corner you prefer most, order and collect your dish paying directly at the cash register

MOG drink-1 How does it work

To order drinks there are two options: going to the bar counter or finding a table and let the waiters take the order for you

MOG table How does it work

You can seat wherever you want since all tables are available to consume meals and drinks

MOG scuola-di-cucina-40x30 How does it work

The MOG cooking school regularly organizes courses in Italian and English, all of which you can discover and try

MOG vinerialogo How does it work

Taste our wine selection of 40 labels. Get help and advice from our specialized staff

MOG ristorantelogo How does it work

Upstairs you will find our restaurant where you can book your table

MOG wifi How does it work

Wi-Fi free

MOG infopoint How does it work

All the information you want on the products and services of the MOG and on the courses of the Cooking School

MOG ecofriendly How does it work

MOG respects the environment and uses only recyclable material