The course is promoted and managed by Accademia Italiana Chef, a specialized training institution with two European ISO quality certifications, sponsored by the Professional Association of Italian Chefs and the Italian Confectioners and Chocolatiers Federation. In these last 5 years this Professional Chef Course has allowed over 2500 students to turn their passion into a successful, creative and rewarding profession.
A training course of 360 hours, about 4 months, awaits you, at the end of which you will have gained the Diploma of Professional Chef Italian Chef Academy, the HACCP Certificate valid throughout Europe and you will be ready for your first professional experiences.
Thanks to the partnerships built up over the years, graduates have access to exclusive job opportunities coming from restaurants throughout Italy and from international agencies, for positions both in Italy and abroad for companies such as Eden Viaggi, Franco Rosso, Alpitour.
This “Special Professional Program” is extensively tested, with over 2,500 testimonials written by students who have successfully faced and passed it.
Its effectiveness is based on design under the European Quality Standard UNI & ISO 29990, specific for professional training in the culinary field.

The four phases of the training course

The course is divided into 4 main phases, designed to add to your Passion what is missing to start a career in professional catering.

PHASE 1: Academic Lessons on the Professional Bases of Italian Cuisine

  • An intense and practical program to get to know and experience first-hand the fundamentals of professional Italian cuisine, from appetizers to desserts. Learn the theory while doing the practice: experience the results of the application of culinary principles.
  • The lesson times are designed for those who have passion but also many commitments: the frequency is only one day a week, on Saturday, in full time mode: from 9:30 to 17:30.
  • You will have an exceptional teacher, the award-winning Massimiliano Gorri, Star of Italian Catering, Toque Blanche d’Honneur of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs, already executive chef for designers like Fhilipp Plein.

 PHASE 2: Course with HACCP Certificate valid throughout Europe

Essential prerequisite, required by law, to be able to work or do an internship in a kitchen. You will learn to treat food and work environments to work in complete safety.

 PHASE 3: Curricular Internship in a restaurant in full operation

The chef is a very practical job and certain things can be learned only by working. You will do 300 hours of training in a restaurant. You can choose from 2500 facilities in Italy, from the trattoria to the starred restaurant. You can do the internship in your city of residence.

PHASE 4: Exam and Diploma Accademia Italiana Chef

You will be invited to take a written and a practical test at the Academy’s headquarters, in front of a commission of experts. You will be able to demonstrate the skills acquired during the training course. For those who graduate with top marks there is a special Professional Academic Award.

A successful course to enter the world of work

The chef course is given by the Academy in all its locations in Italy:
every year over 500 students, of any age and previous education, decide to bet on their passion and win.
82% of graduates find work within 2 months of graduation and many of them receive their first job offer already during the curricular internship.
The AIC graduates work in 28 countries of the world bringing the flag of our culinary tradition high.
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