How it works

A place to live in a thousand different ways.

We are many things

All with the same spirit.

We see you wandering around the MOG with such curiosity studying it through the glazed doors.
Off with shiness: that glass exists only to keep the spaces warm during the winter and cool during the summer, but everything is open, ready to be discovered.

Here is a short summary to experience this place made of food, wine, beer, cocktails, meetings and cultures.
First point: everything is flexible Wander around, have a coffee, study or work, stay for an aperitif, take a walk and come back. As you wish.
Second point: here it is cool in summer and it is also, but it is also a shelter when it rains and it is cold. There is the sky by day and there are stars when it gets dark. You can live there anytime you like.

ragazza lavoro studio

The court

When you come in, the court welcomes you with its central bar: it is the place where you can order water, beer, soft drinks and cocktails.
Receipt at the cash desk or if you want, in the pick hours, choose the table you prefere, order and let us bring your meal.

Roasted coffee on site and freshly ground, breakfasts, snacks and pastries can be found next to the entrance to Ops…Coffee by mistake.

In the court spaces the events of the year!We have no limits: live music, theatre, theme parties, our birthday…
Every event is free of charge, you only need to bring your good mood and the desire to munch and drink something.

la corte

The wine shop

Immediately to the right of the entrance, in its comfortable corner, is the wine shop: it is the magical world of more than 250 labels, 40 of which can also be chosen by the glass, for lunch, dinner and aperitif..

You can also find (succulent) boards of cold cuts and cheeses. Just make the receipt at its cash desk. Here cool things happen, such as “S-Tralci”, the tastings in the company of the wine producers!

la vineria

The kitchens

Along the perimeters of the Court you will find the Kitchens!
Varied and bore-proof, the salvation of groups with different tastes and those who, eating out every day, are looking for variety.
Meat, sushi, pizza, genoese, peruvian, african cuisine, first courses, hamburgers, vegetable, vegetarian and gluten free cuisine.
Each kitchen has its own cash desk: you make the receipt and when the dish is ready, you can pick it up.

le cucine

Ostaia De Zena restaurant

Right in front of you, on the upper floor of the court, you will find Ostaia De Zena with its wide glazed windows.
It is the restaurant with MOG’s view: book a table and peek at the menu!
l ostaia de zena

The balcony upstairs

Upstairs there are cooking and baking courses There is a professional kitchen, our Aula Fornelli, that shines and it is also bookable for private events In Aula Mani in Pasta baking courses with Iscot happen and the smell that comes is a joyful signal that there is an active one.

The Sala Superba hosts cultural events, but it is also ready to be rented: courses, workshops, parties, meetings, team buildings. Here you can also find free workshops for the children of “Il sogno di Tommi”!

And then, how could we forget the balcony: it looks out for the Court, has its intimacy and it is the preferred one for private parties. From there, you have the view on the Kitchens and MOG’s comings and goings.

primo piano
pranzo al mog
pennelli colori
vineria cop ok

What is a typical day like here at MOG?

colazione mog


We open the gates at 10:00 am, whatever the weather we are flooded with light from the glazed windows. There is a coffee scent, ferment for the day starting By Ops…coffee by mistake you can hear the tinkling of teaspoons and coffee machines. The bonus of genoese breakfast: focaccia dipped in cappuccino.

lavora al mog

Morning: whatever you want

We are a space worth living: snacks, study, work meetings. On the desks there are electrical sockets for your mobile phone and computer, wifi is everywhere There usually is calm before the wonderful storm of lunch, and you have plenty of time to retreat in peace, with a juice, an early lunch, and a double coffee.

pranzo al mog


From 12:00 am you can hear the pre-lunch: the perfume of the different kitchens mingles, the faces become curious scanning the menu. You can order where you prefere, even a dish here and another there.. Today pizza, tomorrow sushi, but also some vegetable pie stolen from the table companion (who you know!). Water, beer, wine, you name it! Water, beer, wine, you name it!

corsi cucina acc

Afternoon: whatever you want

Afternoon: whatever you want quiet yet lively you start living this space again, not just to eat and drink, but to dosomething! rooms The Fornelli and Mani in Pasta rooms are often occupied by cooking courses, the Superba room hosts events and courses, in the court you can read, study, work, meet people, as you wish. . In the meantime, you can refresh yourself with an espresso or a filtered coffee, a snack and many other delicacies.

aperitivo cena

Aperitif or dinner? Both!

From 6pm the ferment begins again: at wine shop Riccardo is ready for the wine tastings with boards of charcuterie and cheese, , the bar ready to tap the beers (we have 10 taps!) and to prepare cocktails and mocktailsthe kitchens are ready to prepare the first appetisers dips, before the courses for the dinner – at dinner you find every dish from the kitchens on ceramic platesbecause you cannot by evening class!
Ostaia De Zena restaurant is ready with various courses, so you can change the experience every time.

assaggi obliqui

And after dinner?

The real beauty is that everything mingles, what started as an aperitif becomes dinner and then a little something to drink afterwards.

From Saperi e Bicchieri, the explained tastings, to S-Tralci, the meetings with the wine producers, the concerts, the cocktails experimentations, Assaggi Obliqui. So if you want to throw yourself into something new, here we are.

There is always something going on here

Our square is open to everybody