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Around the world, everytime you want.

This page is like MOG’s entry: you come, you look around and you will see Genoese kitchens and kitchens from around the world which make an endless menu. You may try to be unsympathetic, but we do not recommend it.

Meat, fish, pasta, pizza, sushi, vegetarian and vegan food, Genoese food, exotic food. You can come in 10 people and everyone can eat a different thing. Or you can share it all together.

Il laboratorio gastronomico

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Lo scolapasta

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La carne dal 1946

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Bear & Grill

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Mi rico Perù

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Landi pizza & crunch

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Chakula Chema

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The wine shop

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Ops… coffee by mistakes

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L’Ostaia de Zena

The restaurant upstairs, with large windows to watch everything from above.

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