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Practical info

Frequently asked

When are you open?

From Monday to Saturday, we are closed on Sunday. Monday from 10:00am to 3:00pm.
From Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00am to 1:00pm.
Friday and Saturday from 10:00am to 12:00am.
If you have doubts and for special closure, like Christmas and the 15th of August, call our infopoint (+39) 0108973000.

Can I reserve a table?

Our space is agile, people enjoy it in many different ways Someone is here to study and work for hours, someone to quickly eat something, someone who will spend the entire night here with their group of friends, someone to split the table with unknown people For this reason we decided not to take reservations, only in rare cases such as a large group of people or particular events.

Can I come to study or work?

Of course, and we are very pleased that this is a place enjoyed at all times of the day.

You can stay as long as you wish, nobody will stare at you nor rush you. On the big tables there are electrical sockets to charge phones and computers. If the music in the background bothers you, bring some earphones.

You can also find us on the list of spaziperte.it.

Can I use the restaurant tickets?

Of course! Come to the infopoint at the entrance and we will tell you how it works.
Shortly: we charge them on a card or on your app, because you cannot use them directly to the cash desks With this system it is more practical to manage the changes.


How does it work? Can I order from the table?

We explain it here.

How can I pay?

With cash, using the contactless cash machine at every cash desks, with credit card, using your bancomat, or the app.

Is it a place suitable for children and babies?

Of course! Of course! And we are also equipped, read here.

Can I rent one of your spaces?
Of course! Of course! You can find all the solutions here.
Can I organise an event?

Of course! Contact us at eventi@moggenova.it

How can I order in delivery?

Of course! You can find all the info here.

How can I know everything that is going on?

The most practical way is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, you can do it here.

How can I reach you?

You can find all the info here.

Are there any parkings nearby?

Yes, you can find all the infos here.



Can I smoke?

No, it is a closed public space, therefore it is not possible.

Can I take photos or videos?

Of course, we are very pleased! If you want, tag us on your social with @moggenova
We only ask you to respect the privacy of others, especially minors.
If you want to take us for professional purposes, such as a shooting or a film, contact us in advance at info@moggenova.it so we can discuss it.

How can I make a complaint?

We take in consideration your complaints, hints and suggestions You can write an email at info@moggenova.it.
Put as much detail as possible, so that we can get the full picture and understand what went wrong in your experience Write a signature: we will not take into consideration anonymous messages.
You will receive an answer in a maximum of 15 working days.

Accessibility and inclusivity

Frequently asked

Can I also order wine?

Yes, you can also order many bottles of wine from our Vineria, selected by Ricky, Sara and Giuditta. You can find them on Justeat

Can I pay on delivery?

No, you can only pay online at Justeat

What are the delivery areas?

We deliver in many districts of Genoa, all areas covered by these zip codes: 16121 – 16122 – 16123 – 16124 – 16128 – 16129 – 16145

What are the delivery days and times?

Every Kitchen has its own timetable on Justeat

Can I ask for changes in the dishes?

Of course! To do this, use the notes space

Can I report an allergy?

You can consult the list of ingredients of the dishes, the allergens are always indicated. So you can order risk-free.

Is there gluten free food?

Of course! The majority has a gluten free dish. Some of them are also certified to exclude contaminations.
Some are also certified because they are equipped to exclude contamination: Bear & Grill and the Vineria.

How much does delivery cost?

Each Kitchen has its delivery price on its Justeat page. Often there are dedicated offers

Are there solutions dedicated to companies?

Yes, contact us at info@moggenova.it and let’s talk about it together

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Frequently Asked

Is there an access for disable people?

Of course! Of course! At the entrance of Via XX Settembre there is an elevator which can be used with the help of our staff.

If I do not eat meat?

There are a lot of vegetarian solutions, one in each Kitchen, even at the restaurant La Carne At the moment the majority of choices are at Laboratorio Gastronomico and Chakula Chema.

If I want to eat vegan?

The choices are not a lot, we are working on it! The Kitchen with more choices is the Kenyan Chakula Chema.

Is there gluten free food?

Of course! The majority has a gluten free dish. Some of them are also certified to exclude contaminations.

Can I bring my dog?

Of course! Make it wear a leash and come inside: we also have a water bowl.

Environmental impact

Frequently asked

How do you serve food and drinks?

Washable plate, paper placemat, almost every tableware is compostable and the others are reusable or recyclable, paper napkins and glass for alcoholic drinks. At night, every Kitchen uses ceramic dishes, so you can easily wash them without creating any waste.

Work with us

Frequently Asked

Can I take a space from you and open a Kitchen?

Some space is freed up in rotation and we are always looking for new proposals. Send us an email requesting information or submitting your project to info@moggenova.it and we will explain all the conditions to you.

Can I apply to work for you?

Of course! Send us your CV to info@moggenova.it

Can I play or perform at your place?

We evaluate all offers. Send us a presentation email to eventi@moggenova.it

If I'm a journalist, blogger or content creator, who can I contact?

Write to eventi@moggenova.it, we will answer you in a short time.