Activities for families

Young or older people: everyone in welcome.

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Convenience and fun

We are keen to welcome anyone

Our is a wide place and open to everyone, the young and the older.

Here parents are not looked at in the wrong way: we like to see their children to be fascinated by the glazed windows above them or pull out a pencil to draw a fish on the paper placemat.

We like to give to every person the possibility to enjoy an experience of discovery or just some freetime outdoors.

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Find out the experience

La fiaba magica

Find out the experience

Family-friendly spaces

Kid-friendly possibilities

We know sometimes it is hard for a family with children to find a place to eat.

But here at MOG families will find wide, appropriate, equipped, informal and agile spaces, where you will not wait for hours and where there are no tablecloths to soil.

Here there is a wide choice of food and portions to please even the hardest tastes.

But, above all, here there is not that fear of “disturb”.

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Practical info

To easily enter

Our staff is always available to help with the strollers at the entrance.

For Babies

In our toilets there is a changing table.

For Moms and Dad

We gladly make available our most isolated spaces for the moms who want some privacy to breastfeed or make the baby fall asleep.

For Childhood

We regularly organise free activities for children.


Do you want to know what you can eat here?

To already have an idea of what could your children like