Il lunario

A sesonal product every month

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Seasons, territory, flavours

From the market to your dish

Do not tell anyone, but being in the navel of the Eastern Market is a fortune: raw materials for the Kitchens and the Restaurant are zero-step!

The MOG’s Lunario was born to enhance the visceral bond between the products of the sea and the soil, the work of who brings everyday the products on the stalls and the work of who transform the products in dishes to eat here

We dedicate each month to a seasonal product: you will find it on the market stalls, but also in the dishes in the kitchens and in the restaurant L’Ostaia de Zena.

The raw material arrives each time from the stalls of our market, so if you taste a dish you love, you will find it downstairs, fresh!

mercato basilico
lunario basilico
lunario formaggio
lunario carciofi

We spread the flavours of the land

Like ancient almanacles, we experience the cyclical nature of the seasons

The first Saturday of each month we meet Erica Monzani @asmallkitcheningenoa for a special meeting: a workshop that tells about myths, uses, stories and recipes of the product – and we also taste it! She, in particular, is in charge of this project, and we could not entrust it to better hands, heart and head.

A warm thank you goes out to Enrica for her precision and dedication, to all the Kitchens who join in with grit, to the market stalls who make their knowledge available, to you for your curiosity, and a little to us who are relaunching with something that wants to unite, to pass on, to find gratitude for all the deliciousness we have here at our fingertips.

Regarding Lunario’s name: someone will think about Lunâio genovese, and we pay homage to it. It is a calendar, but also an almanack, that marks times, rhythms, centenary cycles, to rediscover what we eat and what comes from our shy but generous Liguria, sharp but welcoming, prosperous in taste and recipes.

erica sorriso

The godmother of Lunario: Erica Monzani

We are very happy that it is Enrica who holds the seminars: by profession she tells stories and recipes of Ligurian cuisine through words and pictures and teaches people how to cook them.

She is the author of the food blog “A small kitchen in Genoa”, her digital home in which she tells her personal journey through the culinary Ligurian tradition, a journey to discover the flavours of its land.

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Lunario of the month

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